Abandoned dogs

Flavour of the day in Ireland due to 65 puppies needing homes is the need to house dogs before they are put down. In the comments on one meeja item there are people who just can’t read and so I have gotten a bit snotty with  them

“Enough tripe about buying from breeders.
If you are lucky to be allowed to adopt a dog from a rescue centre you WILL be checked.
There are people all over the country who WILL check your premises for suitability.
The adopted dogs WILL be neutered and chipped.
You WILL be asked for a donation to help fund the work done by the rescue centres.
I am a life member of the Kennel Club and as a former breeder I would not trust half of those involved these days as far as I could throw them. Many are brilliant at what they do but others are just fronts for puppy farming.
Right at the start I wrote “Some folks need properly bred dogs for specific purposes but mostly its down to snobbery.” Read it again and if you need a dog for a specific purpose then by all means go to a breeder but this journal.ie item is not about breeders but the need to home these puppies.”