James Foley, R.I.P.

Is this the moderate side of Islam that is mentioned so often?


Energy poverty under scrutiny

Oxfam has issued a report on fuel poverty which contains the usual bull about climate change blah blah and recommending more ‘clean renewables’ which are behind the problem in the first place. As wind  and solar just don’t deliver so lets go with clean coal technology while we wait for Norway to sell us a Thorium reactor, looks like they have beaten India and China with this. 17% of Germans live in fuel poverty as Germany’s rush into renewable energy has made the country’s energy unaffordable, unreliable and they have been forced to build ever more power stations which burn dirty brown coal while their nuclear reactors could be giving them cheap constant and reliable power. Will Russia provide the excuse Merkel needs to return to nuclear power

Boko Harem showing video of kidnapped girls

Obama is dithering again. The only real chance for these kids is to hand the job over to the Israeli Military. Then he should resign,he showed where his sympathies lie at the Benghazi episode.Obama has surrounded himself with so many red lines that he can’t move. The photo of Mrs. POTUS holding a note was the only US involvement that you will see.

Meanwhile The Guardian has laid responsibility for this act on the altar of AGW, no joke this is the latest crackpot theory from them.

Another thing exercising the Irish unwashed is Social Housing

Some of the views in Irish meeja would suggest that the Client State is well and truly established as the latest push seems to be for free housing to home the 55 inch TV sets so beloved by the poor. I wish I could tell you just how many people are actually paying tax to support this lefty utopia but all I can offer is the figure given by Jo Nova on Oz ” In Australia half of all families get more money from the state than they contribute:” and that “In the USA 86 million private sector workers support 148 million benefit takers.

I bet the Irish figure is the same or perhaps even worse.


Tis the season of vegetarian madness

For some strange reason the meeja is contaminated by a push to spread the disease of vegetarianism recently and thejournal.ie is no exception but have no fear Uncle mort is there to ward off their nonsense 🙂 One lady thinks that there a new and exotic diseases around and I had to tell her “Back in yer grannies day if you survived childhood then you might be lucky to have immunity to some of the illnesses that have become common today, none of which are really new. Deaths from cancers and some other diseases were lumped together under the wonderful catch-all of ‘Consumption’ and different counties still to this day have euphemisms to hide the reality of disease such as TB. I was born in Dublin’s Liberties where life was brutal and mostly short and I can’t remember a single household where at least one baby died from diseases that a bowl of decent stew could have given them strength to fight off.


Roast beef ,lamb and pork have no substitute. I do like the comment from Pierre Gosselin
“Yet, there are many tree-hugging vegetarians out there who insist their way of life has to be imposed on others and demand we stop eating meat. These happen to be the very people who want to tell us what’s best for the climate and the planet…based on, as is the case with vegetarianism, crackpot science peddled by charlatans experts.

If you want the entire human civilization to end up with rotting teeth, brittle bones, weak muscles and blind, then let the nutjob alarmist environmentalists run the show.

It’s clear: Bad science leads to bad results. Example: Greenpeace and golden rice.”