Abandoned dogs

Flavour of the day in Ireland due to 65 puppies needing homes is the need to house dogs before they are put down. In the comments on one meeja item there are people who just can’t read and so I have gotten a bit snotty with  them

“Enough tripe about buying from breeders.
If you are lucky to be allowed to adopt a dog from a rescue centre you WILL be checked.
There are people all over the country who WILL check your premises for suitability.
The adopted dogs WILL be neutered and chipped.
You WILL be asked for a donation to help fund the work done by the rescue centres.
I am a life member of the Kennel Club and as a former breeder I would not trust half of those involved these days as far as I could throw them. Many are brilliant at what they do but others are just fronts for puppy farming.
Right at the start I wrote “Some folks need properly bred dogs for specific purposes but mostly its down to snobbery.” Read it again and if you need a dog for a specific purpose then by all means go to a breeder but this journal.ie item is not about breeders but the need to home these puppies.”


Photos mentioned here and in comments on other sites


Pipes and Surrounds 4597

Pipes Of Baidbhe, Copper Coast, Waterford, Ireland. A wider view of the main photo on this blog. This formation[middle right] rivals the Giants Causeway


Pillow Lava at the Kilfarresy Volcano Copper Coast Waterford.

As the BBC fires people who are not PC thejournal.ie joins in

I was unable to post this on the journal.ie as they prefer to keep comments moderated by remote control. It is one of my favourite books by Conrad and I read it while at sea, though not in sail as that was before my time. The world has gone mad since writers like Conrad were living




And further I have just posted this regarding a run ashore in Venezuela in or about 1962

“I was once in an oil port called Punta Cardon in Venezuela where there were many members of a black tribe that the Mormons reckon are the remnants of one of the lost tribes of Israel. They are mostly ginger so how could you describe them without breaking the PC rules? I only wish that I had a photo to show.”

Another thing exercising the Irish unwashed is Social Housing

Some of the views in Irish meeja would suggest that the Client State is well and truly established as the latest push seems to be for free housing to home the 55 inch TV sets so beloved by the poor. I wish I could tell you just how many people are actually paying tax to support this lefty utopia but all I can offer is the figure given by Jo Nova on Oz ” In Australia half of all families get more money from the state than they contribute:” and that “In the USA 86 million private sector workers support 148 million benefit takers.

I bet the Irish figure is the same or perhaps even worse.


Coping with power outage due to storm

I use a Lidl 2000 watt genney,€200 which would suit most peoples needs. During last week we ran our freezers from it to get -24c ,then ran water pump and filled up tanks,kettles, coffee maker etc. We then ran the TV and sat decoder and charged up everything that needed charging using surge protection and that got us over the power outage.

The ESB are doing a fantastic job under dreadful conditions but it is amazing to hear so many Irish people moaning due to their own inability to plan for minor emergencies, the dependency culture is well established

Shannon floods

High tides and heavy rain have coincided along the Shannon for centuries and there was a massive flood in 1860 long before the gerbil worming brigade came along.

From Minister of State at the Department of Finance (Deputy Martin Mansergh)

” It is one of the main natural resources of Ireland as well as a cause of innumerable and repeated problems. The flooding of the river and its catchment area has been the subject of intensive investigations over the past 60 years and other investigations which date back to 1863. I was once given a book which provided economic, social and statistical accounts of Ireland in 1870. It was clear from reading it that flooding along the Shannon was an even greater problem at that time.”

Time and time again this flooding comes under government scrutiny but when the floods subside then the problem is forgotten.

If The Dutch owned Ireland they would feed the world but if Ireland owned Holland it would sink 🙂