Jewish community in Belgium on high alert

Of course the Irish Jihadi are supporting the creep of Islam across Europe as if it was a wonderful thing so I had to repeat this on an item on

Translation in part
Malmø, Sweden. The police now publicly admit what many Scandinavians have known for a long time: They no longer control the situation in the nations’s third largest city. It is effectively ruled by violent gangs of Muslim immigrants. Some of the Muslims have lived in the area of Rosengård, Malmø, for twenty years, and still don’t know how to read or write Swedish. Ambulance personnel are attacked by stones or weapons, and refuse to help anybody in the area without police escort. The immigrants also spit at them when they come to help. Recently, an Albanian youth was stabbed by an Arab, and was left bleeding to death on the ground while the ambulance waited for the police to arrive. The police themselves hesitate to enter parts of their own city unless they have several patrols, and need to have guards to watch their cars, otherwise they will be vandalized. “Something drastic has to be done, or much more blood will be spilled” says one of the locals.”


Balkans floods

Lots of bleating from the Irish lefties as Ireland donates only €50k to the relief work. Ireland Ltd. is like a drunk in a pub buying drink for everyone while his wife and kids sit cold and hungry at home. With no money to pay for the water charge. Surely the Arabs owe their Moslem’s some help? Maybe Russia could help too but Ireland has people living on the streets and hundreds of other ways of spending money

Antarctic Ice

The carries a scare story on some supposed melting of the Antarctic Ice which bears no resemblance to the observed reality. How soon people have forgotten the Ship of fools episode which involved some other ecoloons

“Just a few short months ago we had the ‘ ship of fools’ episode where one of these ‘ climate scientists’ got stuck in the Antarctic ice that they said have vanished thus risking lives and ships and the idiot Professor Chris Turney from the University of NSW even brought his own family along. Ecoloons.”


Boko Harem showing video of kidnapped girls

Obama is dithering again. The only real chance for these kids is to hand the job over to the Israeli Military. Then he should resign,he showed where his sympathies lie at the Benghazi episode.Obama has surrounded himself with so many red lines that he can’t move. The photo of Mrs. POTUS holding a note was the only US involvement that you will see.

Meanwhile The Guardian has laid responsibility for this act on the altar of AGW, no joke this is the latest crackpot theory from them.

Anti American ? Me ?

Contrary to inferences that I am anti-American let me say that nothing is further from the truth. I am very much pro the America that existed before Obama and his fellow progressives began to dismantle it. As for American performance in the ME , how can he expect the best from his diplomats and armed service after his massive act of treachery in the Benghazi episode[to mention just one] ? Even America’s staunchest supports have seen through him as shown over Syria where he has just one country supporting him. God Bless America.

The Irish 4 in Cairo are not innocent

All the claims regarding how the 4 were on an innocent holiday are exposed as bullshit when their activities are uncovered on the internet. Links such as this one in which you can just cut to the nitty-gritty by watching this video  of the boy and one of the girls rabble rousing. At one point the camera pans to the mosh pit in a scene reminiscent of Monty Python’s Life of Brian 🙂