Photos mentioned here and in comments on other sites


Pipes and Surrounds 4597

Pipes Of Baidbhe, Copper Coast, Waterford, Ireland. A wider view of the main photo on this blog. This formation[middle right] rivals the Giants Causeway


Pillow Lava at the Kilfarresy Volcano Copper Coast Waterford.


Bono ,Enya live near a crack den.

Well , that how the meeja see it but I doubt if they are even aware of the existence of a derelict building on a beach [Killiney] near their homes which has become a cesspit for drug use.

The race industry is alive in Ireland

Following a series of comments on the Zimmerman trial this little freak from the race industry popped up demanding that I be banned ! It’s not the first time that this creature has called for people to be banned and one has to just laugh off the insults. BTW all my comments there are based on fact and media reports

Kathleen Mavourneen 11 hours ago #

Another day another thread and ‘Morticia/ Uncle Mort et al, spews yet more appalling nasty racist bigoted comments. You must really be suffering inside mort (or what ever your called), to spend your days and nights trolling the journal trying to hurt people with your venomous bitter twisted bile. you are deeply disturbed, of that i’m sure.

Please ban this hateful bigoted troll from your site.



Shanghaied Children in Anti abortion march in Dublin

Looking at the photos of the Pro-life march today in Dublin it was yet again composed of old men and women and the usual shanghaied children. Claiming double the numbers present ,as ever, these people are dangerous religious zealots.