Nuclear Power for Ireland ?

Lots of ecoloon comments from the unwashed and uniformed and just towards the end a lady brings up the subject of using waste for fuel which is hardly ever done in Ireland due to greenie interference. 60% of the journal readers are in favour of nuclear power and it would be interesting to see a wider survey done.

Josephine Griffin posed the question”We cannot even get rid of our ordinary everyday rubbish. You scientific types might be able to come up with a plan for that, rather than listening to some spiel out of vested interests funded by the capitalists.”

“Waste can be turned into fuels and chemicals using pyrolysis or just burnt off by incineration with heat recovery. Chemistry is a really useful science unlike the climate change farce.”

“Here is an example of what I mean. It’s an Irish man using a DIY method to make kerosene from plastic. I supervised the running of a much larger plant using all types of wastes to generate heat and the possibilities are there to be seen. Its just a 3 minute video and worth watching


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