Tis the season of vegetarian madness

For some strange reason the meeja is contaminated by a push to spread the disease of vegetarianism recently and thejournal.ie is no exception but have no fear Uncle mort is there to ward off their nonsense 🙂 One lady thinks that there a new and exotic diseases around and I had to tell her “Back in yer grannies day if you survived childhood then you might be lucky to have immunity to some of the illnesses that have become common today, none of which are really new. Deaths from cancers and some other diseases were lumped together under the wonderful catch-all of ‘Consumption’ and different counties still to this day have euphemisms to hide the reality of disease such as TB. I was born in Dublin’s Liberties where life was brutal and mostly short and I can’t remember a single household where at least one baby died from diseases that a bowl of decent stew could have given them strength to fight off.


Roast beef ,lamb and pork have no substitute. I do like the comment from Pierre Gosselin
“Yet, there are many tree-hugging vegetarians out there who insist their way of life has to be imposed on others and demand we stop eating meat. These happen to be the very people who want to tell us what’s best for the climate and the planet…based on, as is the case with vegetarianism, crackpot science peddled by charlatans experts.

If you want the entire human civilization to end up with rotting teeth, brittle bones, weak muscles and blind, then let the nutjob alarmist environmentalists run the show.

It’s clear: Bad science leads to bad results. Example: Greenpeace and golden rice.”


One thought on “Tis the season of vegetarian madness

  1. Some people like to spread scare stories about modern food production so I just have to tell ’em
    “I grow my own food and have tried doing it commercially too. Organic vegetables are not has good as made out to be. Free range pork and chicken is better and most of our beef is free range anyway. We evolved eating game ,nuts and wild berries and fruit and cereals have no real place in our diet and do remember that most veggies have built in toxins to deter pests, these are mimicked by agricultural chemicals and as they are carefully measured we know exactly what we are eating. Organic growing is all fine and dandy if you have hens and pigs in sufficient numbers to provide manure but I do question where some of the growers get their inputs. keeping in mind that ‘treated’ human sewage is permitted to be used by various organic associations.
    The amount of land required to grow a given quantity of food has fallen by 65% over the past 50 years.

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