Shannon floods

High tides and heavy rain have coincided along the Shannon for centuries and there was a massive flood in 1860 long before the gerbil worming brigade came along.

From Minister of State at the Department of Finance (Deputy Martin Mansergh)

” It is one of the main natural resources of Ireland as well as a cause of innumerable and repeated problems. The flooding of the river and its catchment area has been the subject of intensive investigations over the past 60 years and other investigations which date back to 1863. I was once given a book which provided economic, social and statistical accounts of Ireland in 1870. It was clear from reading it that flooding along the Shannon was an even greater problem at that time.”

Time and time again this flooding comes under government scrutiny but when the floods subside then the problem is forgotten.

If The Dutch owned Ireland they would feed the world but if Ireland owned Holland it would sink 🙂


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