Climate Fraudster being sued for more than $10 million

Michael Mann, who invented the ‘Hockey Stick’ which is borne like a religious icon by the warmish, failed in his three-year bid to sue skeptic Canadian climatologist, Tim Ball and mark Steyn who was also being sued by Mann has now counter sued him for $10 million. Mann was using [or abusing] the court system in an attempt to silence his critics as he continued to refuse to divulge his data on which the warmish religion depends.


American Press Freedom hammered again by Obama

Ben Shapiro reports on Breitbart London that the US has gone from 33rd to 46th on the World press Freedom Index as Obama continues to force Marxism on that failing country. It really is sad to see this happen but it seems that the Obamaphone culture has arrived.

World Press Freedom Index

Nice column on the on Politics and energy policy

Column: Politics and sound economic decisions don’t mix, as our energy policy shows

Steven O’Hanlon, well worth reading

My tuppence worth is…..

Allow me to point out again that ” Germany’s CO2 emissions have been increasing, electricity prices have skyrocketed, the green jobs bubble has popped, and tens of thousands of jobs have disappeared. Worse: tens of billions are being redistributed from the poor to the rich.

Other countries around the world have noticed and are thus having serious second thoughts about industrializing their landscapes with green energy systems like wind, solar and biogas. Germany has proven that green energy does not work well after all.”

We have no need to conform to these nonsensical green targets and as the Spanish experience shows the cost of each green job is 2.1 real ones.
None of the equipment used in the green energy scam is made in Ireland and any investment in the future needs to be directed at creating jobs on the home front starting with more emphasis on teaching Science, real Science not climastrology, and Engineering to our young people. We can’t win on cost so we need to concentrate on quality.

Irish media witch hunt

The Irish media seems to be aiding and abetting a witch-hunt against Alan Shatter the Irish Justice Minister showing once again the ingrained anti-Semitism that exists at all levels in Irish society. Mr. Shatter is one of the tiny number of Jewish People still living in this muddled country. The comments left on this story on newspaper sites make sorry reading.



More wind-power nonsense in Ireland

The Irish Independent is running yet another of these ‘AS MANY as[ fill in any large number] jobs will be created by the wind scam. Oblivious to the fact that Spain lost 2.1 real jobs for each of the imaginary ones created, the Irish media have not got the guts to deal with reality.

Dr. Gabriel Calzada Álvarez, has done the research on the Spanish fiasco.