The irish media continues to give support to yet another ‘illegal imigrant’ group

Speak out folks while you still have a chance, the EUSSR is about to shut down Freedom of Speech. They have been flexing their ‘muscles’ already by prosecuting Lars Hedegaard, the leader of the Danish Free Press Society and he only escaped on a technicality. When the EUSSR finally collapses it will have laid waste to our civil rights and leave us as minorities in our own homelands.

On they seem to want to bring their extended families to Ireland for Christmas ! Few if any of them are Christians and it seems odd that they don’t want to go home to celebrate with  their loved ones anyway.


Ireland has yet another anti racist group making it one for each ‘victim’

This ‘racist crap is getting out of hand in Ireland with a new group springing up almost daily and they are actually touting for business as they fuel the myth that Ireland is a racist country. Read the Journal item and see just how daft the do-gooders in ireland have become

More potential fraud in Ireland as assets are stripped

The Journal has this today

Our energy policy needs to be examined and we must have a moratorium on any changes to ownership, building of pylons, extending wind-farms and more. There are large subsidies involved and the whole enterprise is open to fraud. We have a peculiar set of people running most aspects of our country and we need to see just who are the beneficiaries of all the cash floating about be it in power generation or charities or whatever. We are being robbed and be sure of that.