Nuclear Bombs

Some of the leftie gobshites were recently going on about the droping of the bomb on Japan as if they were there and had full knowledge of events so naturally I had to respond 🙂

I had the honour and privilege of serving with some of the men who survived the Japanese POW camps and to a man they all said that the dropping of the A-Bomb was what ended the war and saved them from certain death. The Japanese fought like fanatics and had no intention of giving up as the last days of the war showed and they had long since given up on taking live prisoners. My mates had long given up being angry but I am certain that the re-writing of history in some of the comments above would have amused them as would the astonishing amount of guff posted about events that happened long before many of you were born and are seperated by time from real and horrible events that you only read about. The ones responsible for the savage treatment in the Far East enjoyed it as I feel that those at the German camps did.
Did it all really happen or is it propaganda? The injuries suffered by my now dead mates at the hands of their captors were not imagined.I saw for myself.


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