Cairo upheaval

The Irish media are starting to realise at last that they have the European HQ of the Moslem Brotherhood in Dublin and that its Imam and family are not being exactly truthful with them


Press freedom

One of the jewels of a democratic society is a free press and we must cherish this and fight to preserve it.

[Even at the Guardian and maybe even thejournal 🙂 ]


The partner of a Guardian journalist who wrote stories exposing mass American surveillance programmes was held for nine hours by police under the Terrorism Act, prompting objections from the Brazilian government.

The Irish 4 in Cairo are not innocent

All the claims regarding how the 4 were on an innocent holiday are exposed as bullshit when their activities are uncovered on the internet. Links such as this one in which you can just cut to the nitty-gritty by watching this video  of the boy and one of the girls rabble rousing. At one point the camera pans to the mosh pit in a scene reminiscent of Monty Python’s Life of Brian 🙂

4 Irish citizens held in Egypt

The arrest of 4 activists at the al-Fatah mosque in Cairo is causing great heart bleeding amongst those in the Irish press corps as the 4 were using Irish Passports and are the children of the Imam at the biggest mosque in Dublin. Their father is getting an easy ride from the journalists in Ireland as they are completely PC these days and don’t want to upset Islam.

Nuclear bombs

Easy for folks to bullshit about the rights and wrongs of nuclear weapons years after they were first used to end the war in the Far East and rewriting history seems to be rife amongst the unwashed peasants in Ireland right now but I recall why nuclear  was good back then .


I once had pals who had survived the Japanese POW camps, all dead now RIP. They would not have lived out the rest of their poor quality lives had the bomb not been dropped to bring an end to the war. The Japanese were planning to butcher them all and to fight to the death. During a visit to Bangkok some of us took a 3 day trip up to the Burma Railway sites but it was just too much for some of them. The bomb has kept peace for years now but we must hope that Iran and Korea do not get to use them.