Ecoloons and other activists in Ireland

2 items caught by my eagle eye on which show how ecoloons and other activists can distort the truth on so many matters.The first link below shows an appalling lack of knowledge on the variety of work, such as tunnelling, undertaken by Irish people who emigrate, maybe because those making the comments are like so many young people in Ireland today are unemployable, members of an emerging dependency culture. The second shows how much hatred there is in Ireland for Jewish people due to the influence of the Roman Catholic Church. The Government minister Alan Shatter is Jewish and the attacks on him made by the Islamic supporters ,of whom there are so many in Ireland, are disgraceful. The journal does attract a peculiar bunch of readers and Uncle Mort was banned for upsetting them and the RoP 🙂

This comment might inform them on the type of things that Irish chaps do abroad…-a061068591


Just for the red-thumbing ecoloons
“All these men working on the pounds 2.6billion Jubilee Line extension are from the same small Irish island, Arranmore – three miles off the Donegal coast. And they are famous around the world for one thing – their extraordinary skill at digging tunnels.

Locals estimate that as many as 160 men, out of a population of 596, have worked on the Jubilee Line over the past three and a half years


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